Our specific work

Corporations in Africa face multitude of challenges to grow, expand and penetrate additional markets due to a confluence of factors. Chief among those are weak corporate governance structure and poor financial management. Unpredictable regulatory environment is another major challenge that often undermines economic growth and forfeits foreign direct investment. Our experts aim to confront this challenge by working on the nexus between the public and private sectors.

We intend to facilitate greater partnership between the two sectors as part of the broader objective of achieving good governance, stability and prosperity in East Africa. The gap between the public and private sectors requires considerable mediation through legislative tools, policy solutions and a process of mutual recognition.

Under this practice, we provide our clients with the following services:

  • Reform of public financial management institutions
  • Development of financial and accounting manuals
  • Reform of integrity institutions (auditor general, accountant general, central bank, etc)
  • Public-private-partnerships (PPP)
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Business development plans