Laasfort Consulting Group (LCG) is a leading management, strategy and development consultancy firm in East Africa focused on building cutting-edge products, tools and solutions to transform economic growth, good governance and institutional reform processes.

We believe in the power of data and technology to build a strong foundation for a stable and prosperous Africa. We operate in the nexus between public and private sectors in order to promote and strengthen cooperative development. We dare to think outside of the box in order to find locally grown bold solutions.

We specialise in

Governance and reform of public institutions

Our experts combine the unique understanding of the local dynamics and global trends to mitigate governance challenges in East Africa.

Corporate development and financial management

Corporations in Africa face multitude of challenges to grow, expand and penetrate additional markets due to a confluence of factors.

Strategic planning and operational effectiveness

WE aim to help public and private institutions to systemically develop short, medium and long-term plans to achieve desired results. Absence of strategic planning is inextricably linked to ineffective operations and poor outcomes.

Human capital development and talent solutions

Successful organizations have a robust talent acquisition strategy in place.

Education, knowledge management and training

We believe in the power of education to transform societies and lift citizens out of abject and generational poverty.

Monitoring, evaluation and learning

Governments and development partners have been using M&E as a continuous method of assessing performance and improve current and future interventions.

Market research, analysis and risk mitigation

In the modern world, corporations never make an investment without gaining a deeper understanding of the market dynamics, opportunities and risks.

Technology, data and innovation

Modern technology and data are vital to innovation and development. Like in other fields, East Africa is significantly behind in the use of technology to mitigate development challenges.

Branding and strategic communications

In any organization, strategic communication is essential to drive a coherent narrative about the goals and direction of the entity, and to align with structural goals.

Humanitarian and development nexus

Billions of dollars is spent annually on humanitarian efforts and development agendas.


Powering Ahead

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